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  • Does your pup get too hot in the summer? Keep cool and stylish is our new cooling neckerchiefs!


    These neckerchiefs are filled with polymer crystals in the center. When soaked in cool water, the polymers will absorb the water and change into a gel consistency. The gel feels cool to the touch, and will last for hours depending on the temperature. providing a pleasant cooling effect when wrapped around their neck.


    The Polymers are non toxic and are comfortable to wear. The neckerchief is made from cotton fabric.


    How to Use:

    • Soak in cool water for the recommend time. Do not over soak. 

    Size 2XS: 40secs

    Size XS: 1min

    Size S: 1min

    Size M: 2min

    Size L: 3min


    • Neckerchief should feel cool to the touch. Wipe off any excess water and wrap securely around your dog’s neck.


    • Care Instructions:
    • Hand wash under cold running water. Do not use any washing detergents as they can be absorbed by the polymer.
    • Hang to Air dry. It can take 2 to 3 days for all the water to completely evaporate from the neckerchief.


    *No item is indestructible, it is the owners responsibility to check for signs of wear and tear. Keep out of reach or dogs when not wrapped

    securely around the neck. This item is not intended to be a toy, supervise when in use*


    NEW Cooling Neckerchiefs

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